Tutorial - 'Waiting For' items


This tutorial will explain how to use the 'Waiting For' feature in Organiser.

'Waiting For' is a property of an item that indicates you're waiting for someone else before you can mark the item as 'Done'. You can wait for Todo's, Tasks and Contacts items.

Creating a few tasks

Create 2 folders; 'Contacts' and 'The Project'. In the contacts folder, add a contact. In the Project folder, add a few tasks. Figure 1shows how your screen might look.

Figure 1


Now right-click on one of the tasks and select 'Waiting for this':

Figure 2

Once you deselect the highlighted task, you can see that it's background has turned yellow, to indicate this task is being waited for.

Figure 3

To get an overview of all items that you're waiting for, select the 'All folders' (top) folder, and modify the filtering to shwo 'only waiting-for items'. This will filter out all items except those that are being waited for.

Once you're done reviewing those items, change the filter back to 'all active items' to continue working.

waiting for item
Figure 4

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