Planning and Project Management software

Dolphinity is a company which has written in-house software over the years to handle tasks that most freelancers or small companies will need to handle. These tools are made available for free, in the hopes that it will also be useful for other companies and persons.

There are lots of project management and planning solutions available on the internet, though not many of them as freeware. On this page (click), a number of them are listed; if you are looking for a solution that fits you, it might prove useful to read.

Below is a list of project management freeware from Dolphinity that you may very well find useful:


Organiser is the (much improved) successor to Planner below. Organiser gives the possibility to create a hierarchy of projects (folders) and fill them with a variety of types of items. This enables you to subdivide projects where it matters, to keep an overview of all your ideas and actions. Organiser added tasks & Gantt charts and supersedes Planner, being much more flexible. It is project management software dedicated to those who don't fully need planning software such as Microsoft Project.

Organiser allows multiple types of items to be stored in the file, such as Todo items, Facts, Contacts, Tasks, Web locations and Agreements.

Click the box for more information. The latest version is v4.0.4 (October 13th, 2013).

Publishers of freeware can find the PAD file for Organiser here.

Organiser's strong points:


Planner is free project management and planning software that attempts to bridge the gap between planning with simple spreadsheets (often thrown together with Microsoft Excel) and complex products such as Microsoft(r) Project. It does so by providing a simple interface to your planning work while still providing a clear and concise overview of things to be done.

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Publishers of freeware can find the PAD file for Planner here.

Planner is recommended for:


Declare is time billing software: it lets you and your co-workers store your time declarations in a simple and direct way. This multi-user program allows you to keep an overview of what you still need to invoice your client(s). It also allows keeping track of non-billable declarations for administrative purposes only.

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Declare is recommended for: